What Didn’t Baker Mayfield Say?

It’s tough to be a professional athlete these days! Folks put athletes on a pedestal, and if athletes say one naughty cuss swear, that means they’re bad examples for the children!

Sources close to the Carolina Panthers say that their new starting quarterback Baker Mayfield had some choice things to say about their upcoming match against his former team the Cleveland Browns. What didn’t Baker Mayfield say about the Browns?

We’d like to solve the puzzle!

“That’s a tough one,” said one linguistics and puzzle expert. “Did Mr. Mayfield actually say that?”

Baker Mayfield insists that he “never said that” and has nothing but good thoughts about his former team.

Let’s take a look at the fan theories about Mayfield’s comments.

Huh. Well, we guess you got the right number of letters in your guess.

Hey, Baker Mayfield said he had a good run with the Browns and there were no hard feelings! Also you lose points for spelling.

Whoa. Ugh, are you okay, buddy?

Well, it’s a PG word, but it’s probably not the solution to the puzzle.

When life gives you lined paper, you turn it sideways and then turn it sideways again and then turn it sideways again and then turn it sideways again because your teacher has had enough of your crap and you want to get a good handwriting grade.

What do you think Baker Mayfield didn’t say? Comment below!

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