NFL Cuts You Need to Know About Before Your Fantasy League Draft

The clock is ticking on your fantasy football draft! But we’re here to help.

Here the biggest cuts that happened in the NFL in the last week.

New England Patriots
Sources close to Bill Belichick report that the head coach was getting his wardrobe ready for the upcoming season and accidentally cut his finger while cutting off the sleeves of his new 2022 branded Patriot hoodie.

Carolina Panthers
Earlier today Panthers head coach Matt Rhule got a nasty papercut opening a letter from injured QB Sam Darnold’s mother. Ouch!

Get the team doctor! Quick!

Fox NFL Sunday
It’s rare to see a sports analyst get cut, but former Pittsburgh Steeler and current Fox NFL Sunday analyst Terry Bradshaw managed it. Rumor has it he was burying the money he earned from the six part-time jobs he works in the off-season in the hopes of hiding it from Fox so they wouldn’t try to give his money away again this season. Unfortunately while he was digging the hole, he cut his dress pants with the shovel, and the Fox Folks who were tailing him heard the swearing and confiscated his hard-earned cash. But they left him enough to buy a new pair of pants. Better luck next year, Terry Bradshaw!

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