NY Confusion Leads to Willie Mays’ Jersey Retirement With Wrong Team

New York sports teams are confusing as all heck! They’ve got a ton of different teams in every sport. They’ve got the Bills, Giants, Knicks, Yankees, Nets, Jets, Mets. We don’t know how New Yorkers keep them all straight!

And apparently it’s just as hard as we think it is! One of the many baseball teams (the Mets) was supposed to retire the number of MLB star center fielder Willie Mays who played his last few years with the baseball Mets. Very cool!

Unfortunately a typo in the official schedule of New York State sports resulted in the number 24 being retired by the basketball team the Nets by mistake! Oof!

Most Nets players were on holiday, since it’s basketball off-season. They were surprised to be summoned back to New York for a press conference.

Following his successful baseball career, Willie Mays went on to star in hundreds of infomercials.

The Mets will try again next to week to do the jersey retirement ceremony. Unless the Jets beat them to it.

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