Baseball Fans Critique Little League World Series

You know what they say, everybody has an opinion! And pro sports fans have been heaping advice and constructive criticism on the mini-baseball players participating in the Little League World Series.

Let’s see what folks have to say!

in order to cut it in the majors you have to be able to pitch more than 60 miles per hour lol. sorry, pipsqueaks.

#1 MLB fan

True, MLB pitchers can throw the ball fast.

I’m so confused, I thought the World Series was in October.

Confused Baseball Fan

Apparently the 30 baseball fans around the globe have demanded more baseball! And Big Baseball has delivered by giving everyone more World Serieses. Good work, we guess? But if you’re making changes, maybe you could fill the potholes on our street instead.

isnt there a height limit for baseball


We did see a sign somewhere?

Oh, the font is white, so people probably didn’t see it.

What advice would you give to the MLB-Jr. NCAA-Baseball-Jr.-Jr. High-School-Baseball Jr. athletes? Share your words of wisdom below!

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