Sports Fans Come to Realization They Won’t See Their Families On Christmas

Since the NBA released their 2022-2023 schedules, sports fans have been weighing what excuse to give their families for skipping the annual Christmas Day get-together.

The day is already pretty packed with kids waking you up at 5am to open presents, followed by breakfast, followed by lunch with your family, followed by dinner with your in-laws, and in-between, you have to squeeze in three NFL games. And now you have to make time for four NBA games.

Our Christmas wishes came true!

“I don’t know what to do,” lamented one sports enthusiast who wishes to remain anonymous so as to not offend his in-laws. “We got the Dolphins, the Cards, the Pack, and now we got the Bucks and the Warriors and the Suns. Look, the in-laws just don’t compare.”

“I’m just going to ask my family to mail me all my gifts,” said another sports aficionado. “I’ll put my wishlist on Amazon, and the gifts will just be delivered to my door with no face-to-face contact with family. Just face-to-face with my TV. Problem solved.”

What are you watching this Christmas, other than the Phoenix Suns? Comment below!

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