Bears’ Preseason Opener Raises Concerns About Field Conditions

Folks who tuned into the Chicago Bears preseason opener against the Kansas City Chiefs were shocked to see the conditions of the turf!

Fans and foes were expecting to see the immaculate Soldier Field turf that they’ve come to know and love.

Unfortunately the Chicago Cubs players had come home from their Field of Dreams game and talked nonstop about how much fun it was. “They just went on and on about the ‘magical experience’ and whatnot,” said a Chicago Bears player who preferred to remain anonymous. “So we thought we’d try it out, make Soldier Field our own dreamy field.”

Looks like someone ran a slant out there!

The Bears were disappointed in the fan reaction. “We don’t get it, everyone loved it when the Cubs did it.”

The Bears will be on the road for the rest of the preseason, so Soldier Field has a month to get rid of the corn and spruce up the field. Who’s up for a BBQ in Chicago?

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