NCAA Football Rankings Destroy Work, Family Relationships

The NFL Jr. College NCAA football season hasn’t even started, and we’re already seeing conflicts at work and home.

“I went to Ohio State,” shared an anonymous hiring manager, “and the new intern waltzed in with Michigan cufflinks. That was his last day. Look, folks, it just wasn’t a good fit. O! H!” Then there were several moments of awkward silence in the interview.

“There’s a slack channel at work for all of us Clemson fans,” said a self-proclaimed Clemson grad. “We already identified all of our coworkers who went to Alabama, and we know which cars are theirs. It’s on.”

But the data is in, and we’re just not seeing where these conflicts are coming from. It sure seems like everyone is on the same page!

Oh sweet, we picked our team, too.

We guess some alumni just coordinated better for the survey. The rest of us are rooting for our team. Go team!

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