“World Series” Goes Too Far

Look, we get it. We all want kids to feel super special. Why else would we have a “Little League World Series” or a “Coach Pitch World Series”?

But folks are saying enough is enough! Get that “Poker World Series” out of here!

“I thought I was getting my son a cool baseball video game for his b-day,” lamented one frustrated father. “We started it up, and it was some stupid card game. Zero stars, I want a refund.”

We fold! Oh, we’re big blind? Still fold.

“I wanted my mini-me to be more active, so I signed him up for what I thought was a baseball,” said another parent, “and now he chain smokes and spends his whole day in a casino, and he’s only twelve. One star. I’d give it zero stars, but he hit a jackpot on the penny slots last week.”

What’s next, “World Series of Go Fish”? Because if that’s a thing, sign us up!

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