MLB “Field of Dreams” Game Delayed Several Hours

Folks hoping to catch the famous Major League Baseball Field of Dreams Game spent hours in the heat, waiting for the game to start, as players slowly made their way to the baseball diamond.

Due to a reported “clerical error” at the venue, the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds buses arrived at the wrong side of the property, and the players proceeded to make their way through Iowa’s “Most Challenging Corn Maze” to get to the baseball field.

You can’t even see the baseball players in there!

“We were confused,” said one of Iowa’s three baseball fans who attended the game in person. “We saw on social media that the bus arrived, but then we didn’t see the players for about four hours.”

“It just made the game more exciting,” shared another attendee who drove down from Minnesota. “Baseball is a non-stop thrill already, the only thing that could make it better is a slow walk through bland vegetables and more anticipation before the game!”

Some attendees got tired of waiting and went home. “It’s okay, we’ll just sit in our a/c and watch the movie.”

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