NFL Refs Meet to Discuss Season Goals

Sports refs have it tough!

In order to reduce NFL fans’ vitriol on social media, the Official Committee of NFL Referees has decided to introduce polygraph testing after every flag! Neat!

“Sometimes the camera just doesn’t capture the details,” shared an anonymous ref. “We could just ask the player, ‘hey, did your knee touch the ground there?’ and then we’d know for sure. None of the fans would be upset.”

This will fit perfectly on the Gatorade table!

“Sure, time outs will be a little longer. Gotta calibrate the machine, get a standard reading from the player in question. Sometimes we’ll have to interview multiple players to get the right answer. But we will get it, and everyone will be happy.”

Folks at home love time outs so we can see the zany commercials. And the people in the stands could get to see a 500% increase in the number of local veterans, first responders, and child athletes recognized. We can’t wait!

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