Five Little-Known Uses For Golf Balls

If your a sports person, these little ers are all over your house. You’ve got your bathroom golf balls for putting on the john, your bedroom golf balls for when your watching the golf game in bed and want to toss the ol’ golf ball in the air and catch it, your car golf balls for when you want a golf ball to slide under your brake pedal. Like us, you probably nearly slipped on your staircase golf balls and broke your leg.

Let’s take a look at five practical things you can do with all the golf balls in your home!

1. Put a bunch of them in the garbage disposal and turn it on.
Interesting!! What would happen? We don’t know about you, but we’ve never seen that happen. If you’ve tried this, share the results in the comments!

2. Mix a few in with the carton of eggs in the fridge.
You might forget about that before the next time you make French toast, and it will be really funny when you try to crack one open.

3. Fill a 5-gallon bucket with golf balls and flush them down the toilet.
We’ve all seen the cardboard cutouts at Home Depot, and you know you want to give it a try. The folks in the sanitation department love this!

Neat, the toilet picture again.

4. Find somebody with a hydraulic press and have them crush a single golf ball.
This only gets rid of one golf ball, but every little bit counts! Bonus: you can record a video and become an internet sensation.

5. See if you can fit all of your golf balls and your golf clubs and your golf shirts in the trash barrel and wheel it out to the curb on garbage day.
Whoa. We’d love to see this challenge go viral!

What do you do with your extra golf balls?

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