#1 Outfielder Hack to Wrap Up a Baseball Game: Batters HATE This Trick!

We’ve all been there! It’s the bottom of the fourth, and most of the people in the park are asleep–even the coaches. The kids slept through the tenth playthrough of “Move it, Move it” and it’s time to put on a bow on this game and get home.

This is where the outfielders feel the pressure! When a ball gets popped up and it looks like it’s going to be a home run, then we’re just that much farther away from the game being over. And then the outfielders are the bad guys because they can’t reach the home run ball. And that sucks for everyone!

That’s why any experienced outfielder practices the ol’ “sleeve baseball” trick.

Here’s how it works!

Step One: The batter pops the ball up into the air and it’s probably going to sail right out of the park. Whoa!

There it goes!
It’s still going!
We can barely see it. Oh boy, and the sun is getting bright!

Step Two: Now just let the sun do what it does best!

So bright!!! We can’t see anything, did the ball get out of the park? Is it a home run? Did a little kid in the stands catch it?

Step Three: While everyone is squinting into the sky, trying to see what happened to the ball, the outfielder seizes the moment to take out the sleeve-ball!

Nothin’ up my sleeve! (Just kidding, there’s a baseball in there.)

Step Four: Ta-da!

The outfielder caught the ball! We guess it didn’t get hit out of the park after all. Cool, the game is almost over.

Have you ever used a baseball hack? Comment below!

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