NFL Takes Step Toward Black-Tie Games

Going to an NFL football game used to mean wearing a sports jersey, super hero costume, or maybe a zany horse mask or a hat made of cheese. But the NFL teams’ new “alternate helmet” designs are indicating a major shift from the casual, wacky sport of old!

Let’s take a look at a few of the alternate helmets that have taken a step back from colorful, whimsical designs and towards a sleek all-business look.

With the new mandatory vests and bowties, our fave athletes can go straight from the game to their cousin’s black-tie wedding in the big city!

We can’t wait to see the fans and players dressed up to the nines this fall!

One comment

  1. Maybe now the NFL will finally start showing some CLASS instead of the crass displays of vulgarity that have come to be associated with the word “touchdown”

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