Saints QB Dalton Awarded Coveted Jersey Number

Today a major dilemma for the New Orleans Saints was solved through the wisdom of new Coach Dennis Allen.

Ever since the Saints signed quarterback Andy Dalton, who historically has worn the #14 jersey, the Saints players, fans, and coaches have been fretting about how longtime Saint and recent bearer of the #14 jersey running back Mark Ingram would react.

Both Mr. Dalton and Mr. Ingram really liked wearing the cool #14 jersey! How did they resolve this issue?

Mark Ingram went into Coach Allen’s office and told the new coach that Andy Dalton had stolen his jersey.

Coach Allen called Andy Dalton into the office, and Andy Dalton come in carrying the jersey.

“I here u took Mark Ingrams jersey,” said Dennis Allen. “is that true”

“no ” said Andy Dalton, “he’s lying this is my jersey.’

So coach Allen thought about this pickle for a few minutes and then announced “since you both say the jersey is you’res, I have decided. We will cut the jersey in half and you can each have half of the jersey. That is fair.”

That made Mark Ingram really sad because he didn’t want his fave #14 jersey cut in half, so he told Coach Allen, “It’s okay, Andy can have the #14 jersey.”

So Coach Dennis Allen gave Andy Dalton the #14 jersey! All’s well that ends well.

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