Football Documentaries That Got It All Wrong

Look folks, you can’t expect Hollywood to get everything right! Let’s take a gander at the doozies that totally missed the mark!

The Replacements
We’ve seen the show that is football in Washington DC. The events in this movie are legit bonkers though. All wrong. Except for the cheerleader tryouts, those actually happened.

You know that scene with all the football players walking into the coach Dan Devine’s office and placing their jerseys on coach Devine’s desk and saying “For Rudy” and “Oh Rudy, my Rudy”? Well, that happened for sure. 100% truth. But did you know that Rudy’s name wasn’t Rudy? It was actually Daniel. Eat crap, Hollywood. We all know what’s what.

Football Legend Gerald Ford: Win One for the Gipper or Give Me Death
History is a total snoozefest, especially when it’s about some rando U.S. president who wasn’t even elected president. The only thing we have to fear is the Gipper himself.

Air Bud IV: On the PUP List
Another tragic dog film, initially declared “the next old yeller” by critics. Until they got to the post-credits easter egg at the end of the film and saw the gruesome way the middle school football players had to destroy their furry friend and teammate. We don’t want to talk about it, but picture “Alive” meets “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, people. Whoever gave this movie a G rating was on something!

A sober artist drew this rendering of Air Bud IV. Crushed it!

What’s your favorite bad sports movie? Share in the comments!

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