Least Popular NBA 2K Cover

Now that the cover of the newest edition of the NBA 2K video game has been revealed, gamers are remembering what they consider the worst 2K game covers.

And folks, it is a tie!

Let’s take a look at the two least popular 2K covers.

Fun for the whole family! Maybe.

Tied for “worst” place is the very first NBA 2K game! But back then, there weren’t two K’s yet, so it was just 1K 922. And it was a board game! No controllers to charge, so when mom said you had to let your little brother play, there were no excuses. The board game box was a real wet fart, though, even to kids back in the day. There weren’t many basketball players yet, and only one of them agreed to be photographed for the cover. So the board game company just “photoshopped” the same dude over and over. Oof.

Cool, it’s an Air Bud!

Also tied for first place is NBA 2K from 2005! People were obviously disappointed that there was a dog on the cover instead of a fave bball player. But NBA 2K ’05 also had the worst MyPlayer mode. You could choose to play as an Air Pod, but in dog years, each season was seven years, so your Air Dub character would only be good one season. And then you have to watch the team doctor put it down at the end, so…

What 2K cover were you most disappointed in?

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