Say Hello to Acrisure Stadium!

The Steelers did not want to keep fans in suspense about the new name of beloved Heinz Field!

Earlier today, the team proudly revealed the new identity of the home of the blue, red, gold, black, and silver: Acrisure Stadium.

Yes, it’s a mouthful, and fans have had mixed reactions to the name. In fact, only 3% of fans had even heard of Acrisure until today. Social media evidence indicates that 84% of Steelers fans don’t know what Acrisure does even now.

“I don’t get it,” lamented one Pittsburgher. “What’s acid shirt? That doesn’t sound safe, I’m not sure I’d want my family to go there.”

Another Pissburghite chimed in, “It’s not acid shirt arena, it’s accupuncture arena. Get with the program.”

“What the is an accusure?!!” shouted one diehard fan. “You can’t put that on a dog!”

We guess that fan was right, you can’t put it on a dog.

The folks at Acrisure are beyond excited about their new partnership with the Steelers! Traffic to their website has reportedly increased by 70,000%. The phrase “Hey Siri, what’s Accursedsure?” has been searched over 5,000 times today. Nothing like some good publicity!

GL, Acrisure and Steelers! We hope this is a match made in heave!

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