Breaking Carolina News: QB Mayfield Will NOT Be Living at Bank of America Stadium

The Cleveland Browns really knew how to get the most bang for their buck out of an employee, but the Carolina Panthers are emphasizing work-life balance for their new hire.

Baker Mayfield, the newest Panther and coworker of Sir Purr, has announced that he and his wife will buy a regular house in the Charlotte, North Carolina area! Whoa!! We should have been sitting down for that announcement!

A regular house in Charlotte! Did the Mayfields buy this one? Or wait, does that say “solo”?

Unfortunately, Progressive wasn’t interested in following Mr. Mayfield on his commute. Apparently Big Insurance only thought it was entertaining when the Mayfields were being forced to do miscellaneous tasks around a football field, like watering the grass, making pizzas to serve to the fans, and refilling the soap dispensers in the restrooms.

We won’t be seeing any Progressive commercials with the Mayfields this season, but we could see a rested and refreshed quarterback!

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