It’s Official! Baker Mayfield to Move to Bank of America Stadium

Baker and Mrs. Mayfield finally know where they’ll be living this fall! The former Cleveland Brown will be joining Sir Purr and pals on the Carolina Panthers.

No word yet on Baker Mayfield’s daily contract duties. Sources close to the Mayfields say that although there is a learning curve, the couple is confident they can learn how to operate any brand of nacho cheese maker, riding lawnmower, and security system.

Wow, that’s some grammatically correct graffiti!

One Mayfield family friend revealed that the QB is excited to work with NFL’s most popular mascot, Sir Purr. “[Baker] will probably be a little starstruck at first! But we’ve heard Sir Purr is easy to work with and a real team player.”

Best of luck in your new abode, Mr. and Mrs. Mayfield!

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