Top Five Fan-Favorite Cities for NFL Expansion

Much like the universe, the NFL is constantly expanding! And as soon as folks get so much as a whiff of official NFL expansion talk, they start breaking out online surveys and polls to let everyone know which cities are in the most dire need of a football team.

Let’s take a look at where the fans want the NFL to go next!

#5. Los Angeles, California
But wait, you’re thinking, aren’t there already a few football teams in Los Angeles? Well, folks, when it comes to sports teams, you know what they say–the more, the merrier!

#4. Anaconda, Montana
With a population well on its way to 10K, Anaconda, Montana is one of the ten largest cities in Montana! Cool! Even though there are more populous cities like Billings and Helena, fans felt that Anaconda had way more team name potential.

Some football viewers in snowy Montana get ready to change the channel because there isn’t a local team to root for.

#3. Hooker, Texas
Alright, people, we see what you’re doing here. Well, nice try, but Texas already has enough football teams. There’s no way the NFL will give them another team, even if it’s in a neat-sounding place like Hooker that would result in millions of dollars of ironic jersey sales. What do you think this is, Los Angeles?

#2. Butthole, Vermont
Get your heads out of the gutter! We know this isn’t a real city.

#1. Arsehole, England
Alright, who’s the wise guy??

Which cities do you think will get the next NFL expansion teams? Comment below!

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