NFL Star Golden Tate’s Life Changed By Meme

Football Pro Golden Tate was recently searching for cool work-safe memes to share with his coworkers at Football, and his life and career were changed forever!

It turns out there aren’t a lot of work safe memes on the ol’ internet. But Golden Tate found an eye-opening meme to share on a Wednesday called #wouldyouratherWednesday and the rest is history.

Fantasy Football dynasty owners wish there had been other work friendly memes.

Naturally Mr. Tate began to wonder, would he rather be playing football or baseball? For most of us, that answer is a real slam dunk!

Ultimately, Golden Tate decided that playing baseball would be easier than just retiring. Less physically activity for sure. Good luck, Golden Tate! We can’t wait to see if you end up in the Major League!

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