Baseball Fans So Bored, Fenway Park Switches To Basketball

It was the bottom of the fourth at Fenway! The bases weren’t loaded! The score was tied at a heart-pounding zero to zero! And the protests began in the stands!

And folks, the people of Boston know how to make a protest into a party. Remember the Boston Tea Party? ’nuff said! But at the ol’ ball game, people are drinking way better stuff than tea.

The people in the stands whipped together some cool protest signs to remind the Big Wigs at Fenway that the basketball finals game was on–and it’s a make-or-break game for the Boston Celtics! What would you rather watch–a crusty ol’ baseball game that doesn’t matter or a cool basketball game where your team either loses the Basketball trophy or gets to go to game seven and maybe win or lose a basketball trophy?

Easy choice!

The Fenway Park A/V Team would have turned on the basketball game sooner, but as you can see everyone was holding the signs backward, so they couldn’t tell what the people wanted.

But don’t feel too bad for the Red Sox! The baseball players were just as pumped as the fans when the basketball game came on, they all got some popcorn and sat on the perfectly mowed grass to watch.

Good luck to the Celtics and Warriors in Game 6! Drive safe, Bostonians!

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