Steph Curry’s Role in NBA Playoffs

Steph Curry has been playing a key role for the Warriors in their Playoff games against the Celtics, but he could find himself spending less time on the court!

Bitcoin has plummeted this week, and as part of his commercial deal, our friend Steph Curry may be sent into the crypto mine–and that means less time working out and helping his pals in their playoff run.

Be careful, Steph Curry! Did you bring a canary? Is there air down there?

Golden State fans are worried about Steph Curry because we’ve heard that crypto mines aren’t physical places and may not have any oxygen. Celtics fans are desperately searching for the crypto mine so they can pull up the rope ladder and leave Steph Curry in the mine until the playoffs are over.

Be sure to take an extra oxygen tank, Steph Curry! And plenty of snacks and water!

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