Longtime 49er Frank Gore May Soon Join Front Office Staff

Frank Gore was drafted by the 49ers Football Department in 2005, and he may soon be drafted by the 49ers Accounting Department!

Mr. Gore has signed a one-day deal with San Francisco’s most popular NFL team so he can officially retire as a ‘9er. Great stuff!

But like many of his fellow footballers who retire, Frank Gore may not stay retired for long. After playing on the football field for the 49ers for 9 years, he recently expressed interest in helping out the 49ers front office staff.

Artist’s rendering of future football!

The Yorks, the team owners, have shared that they would be delighted to have Frank Gore join the team!

“The Finance Department could always use an extra set of hands,” said an anonymous Human Resources employee. “But Marketing would love to have the expertise of a former player. As would Operations.”

If he’s not careful, Frank Gore could end up coming out of retirement with a 60-hour a week job.

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