You’ll Have to Try Harder, Golf!

Golf broadcasts have gotten some sub-par ratings this year!

In an effort to gain viewers, Big Golf convinced famous NFL players to compete in a friendly golf match. Marketing experts at Big Golf hyped the heck out of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen. Whoa! Some geriatric quarterbacks that everybody knows and some up-and-comers! Something for everyone! We should tune in and check out the ultimate QB battle, right?

Wrong!!! You couldn’t trick us this time, Golf!

Big Golf execs and the creators of tiny white balls didn’t anticipate people actually reading the description of the event; they thought folks would just show up or tune in on TV. The sports fans who did check out The Golf Edition of Sunday Night Football quickly realized that their fave NFL players weren’t actually playing football.

A crowd gathers near the second hole! They’re probably just wearing ghillie suits. But they’re there, we promise!

The six people who showed up to the big event left hurriedly when they noticed the venue was a golf course and not a football stadium. By the time our competitors got to the third hole, the only spectator left was the cameraman. And he was gone by the fifth hole.

It was a good try, Golf! Better luck next time!

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