Can Browns Afford to Trade Mayfield?

If it’s not obvious from the commercials, Browns QB Baker Mayfield is a key player off the field!

Shortly after being drafted by the Browns, Baker Mayfield moved into FirstEnergy Stadium and ended up doing all sorts of odd jobs to get ready for game day. Progressive was quick to make light of the situation, but really, folks, this is a cautionary tale: be careful of the “other duties as assigned” line on your job description!

When do you have time to sleep, Baker Mayfield?

Browns insiders report that management had hoped newly hired QB Deshaun Watson would at least train with Baker Mayfield on jumbotron maintenance, popcorn machine repair, and soft pretzel folding technique prior to the start of the 2022 season. Unfortunately, Mr. Watson’s plate has been a bit full lately with urgent legal matters.

At this rate, Cleveland may need to keep Mr. Mayfield around to make sure the stadium is G2G for home games!

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