Kid Makes Model of Solar System Using Sports Balls and It Looks Like $***

Whose boneheaded idea was this.

Some future rocket scientist (dear Lord, let’s hope not!!) used a bunch of sports balls that were in the garage to make a bizarrely inaccurate model of the solar system.

Let’s dive into this pile of horse dung!

How the crap are these balls suspended? -10 points for sorcery.

The Sun. Sooo clever to use a beach ball because it’s the largest of all the sports balls and the sun is freaking ginormous, in scientific terms. As if no one else ever thought of that. Gtfo.

Mercury. The tennis ball. We get it, because Mercury is small! Well you know what? It’s also molten, dumdum, and tennis is the least hot sport there is. Bye now.

Venus. This one is probably the most accurate, but you lose points because it’s a baseball.

The Earth. Siiiiiiigh. Are you using the soft ball because you think everyone on Earth is soft? Say that to our face!

The Mars. Speaking of our face, Mars the bowling ball looks exactly how we feel atm.

Jupiter. If you think an exercise ball is a real sports ball, you haven’t been hit in the head with a football enough.

The Uranus. Nice commentary on the NBA playoffs. Real subtle. You jerk.

Neptune. Neptune is just discount Uranus.

Pluto. Oh what, did your Grandpa help you with this bucket of barf? Pluto isn’t a planet anymore, Einstein. Cut that golf ball loose and move on with your life.

Have you seen any neat crafts made by children using sports balls? Tell us about them in the comments!

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