Is Alex Mack Planning to Retire?

Seven-time Pro-Bowl Center Alex Mack hasn’t been seen at the organized team activities for the San Francisco 49ers, prompting some to ask if he’s planning to retire and others to ask what neat skills Mr. Mack brought to the 49ers and the other teams he’s played for over the years.

Well, we don’t know if he’s planning to retire. But let’s take a look at his unique skillset and why he’s been so in-demand throughout his career!

Telekinesis. Shut the front door! Do the refs know about this?? Seems like it would be against the rules for a player to go all super-hero out on the field and just levitate the ball into the quarterback’s hands or magic the ball down the field to the receiver.

Electricity from fingertips. This sounds like a whole new kind of penalty that the NFL refs haven’t invented yet. And we guess if Alex Mack is retiring, they don’t need to worry about inventing it.

Turning into a silver puddle. Well, there’s nothing in the rule book about puddles. Maybe a new twist on illegal formation? Alex Mack must be great at giving opposing players the slip.

Alex Mack takes the ball down the field! If you want a job done well, sometimes you have to do it yourself!

We would love to see Alex Mack in action on the field next season! But those cool skills could definitely come in handy during retirement as well.

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