The Richest Folks in Sports

There are a lot of disputes in the sports industry about money! Players and their agents often spend the whole off-season negotiating. Major League Baseball even schedules an annual lockout to make sure that players and owners get the chance to hash out the nitty gritty! But are professional athletes, team owners, or league commissioners the richest folks in sports?

The answer surprisingly is no!

Let’s take a look at the richest people in sports.

The person who invented the chant that goes “Let’s go [insert team name here]! clap clap! clap-clap-clap!” Any sports team that has a two-syllable team name or two-syllable city name takes advantage of this at least 20 times per game. The genius songwriter who penned this little ditty reportedly lives on a private island! Hashtag boss, are we right?

The person who invented the iconic “D-Fence” sign. These simple but much-loved signs are a staple of every NFL game. Fun fact: rumor has it every time a “D-Fence” sign is shown on television, the inventor gets $5,000 in royalties. Now that is winning at passive income!

Freaking. Brilliant.
This inventor was less successful.

The person who discovered “the wave”. Who doesn’t love the wave?? You have to be a real a-hole if you try to stop the wave. The wave occurs at least once in 98% of sporting events. Every time a wave occurs, a dump truck full of money backs up into the backyard of the scientist who discovered the wave and empties 500 cubic feet of cash into a ginormous swimming pool.

This just goes to show that you don’t have to be an athlete to get rich from sports!

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