Ezekiel Elliott’s Super Speed: Update your draft rankings NOW!

Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott recorded a wild speed at a recent Cowboys workout, and we all need to update our fantasy football redraft rankings asap!

Elliott was clocked at running 22 miles per hour!

Yes, you read that right! Two twos. Twenty-two. Like your fave Taylor Swift song from 10 years ago.

Elliott runs down the block outside AT&T Stadium. Great form, Ezekiel Elliott!

From a fantasy perspective, it’s great to have an RB who can outrun not only his opponents on the field but also many large predators. Great investment if you’re starting a dynasty league.

We don’t know what Mr. Elliott’s workout routine and diet were like in the off-season, but we hope he shares!

What round or what auction price would you pay for Ezekiel Elliott? Comment below!

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