SNF Snubs of 22-23 Season

Hooooo boy! The Official Sunday Night Football and Other Night Football Schedule of the NFL has been released. Let’s take a look at which teams were not asked to be part of a Sunday Night SNF Football Game.

Grab your calendar and mark the can’t-miss games!

Seattle Seahawks. This one was a shocker! Now that Russell Wilson is with the Broncos, the Seahawks are yesterday’s leftovers.

Detroit Lions. The Loins have been through some rough patches. Former Loin Matt Stafford and the Rams are hogging the Sunday Night spotlight!

Carolina Panthers. Sir Purr prefers afternoon games anyway.

Jacksonville Jaguars. Not a lot of cat lovers at the NFL home office.

New York Jets. oh no not the jets awww man bummer. drat. doggone.

New York Giants. Sorry, folks, New Yorkers only have eyes for the Bills!

Cleveland Browns. This snub is reportedly by choice; Baker Mayfield, who in spite of rumors has not been traded yet, still lives at FirstEnergy Stadium with Mrs. Mayfield and has book club on Sunday nights. And you don’t get in the way of a QB and his book club, that’s for sure.

Houston Texans. Who even is on their roster anymore.

There you have it! Do these teams deserve the snub? Comment below!

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