Extreme Makeover: NBA Edition

All those dumb houses that got dolled up can right the off! Because the NBA’s Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, named after the great Larry O’Brien, just got a much-need MAKE-OVER! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!

The old Larry Trophy was alright, a pretty standard trophy. Kids these days might call it basic. But the revamped Larry isn’t your grandpa’s Larry!

The new Larry features expert contouring for a sleek, slimming look that screams both “I’m a classic!” and “I’m looking to the future, and it is bright and full of basketballs!” The clean lines of the new Larry draw all of your attention inward–both inward to the pleasing shape of the trophy and inward toward your own heart and soul. The realistic net design evokes the overall thrill of the game when you hear that swoosh and you know your team’s star player sank a perfect 3-pointer while kicking out with his foot to hit the opposing team’s star player in the dong; and you can tell from the trophy’s brilliant sheen that the refs didn’t see it happen.

“The Classic Larry that your grandpa has in his attic–if your grandpa is an NBA champion–looks like a ed up ice cream cone,” shared an anonymous artist at Tiffany & Co, the folks who brought the Larry into the 21st century. “The new Larry doesn’t go in the attic. If you put the new Larry in the attic, it will be at the foot of your bed the next morning. I can’t tell you how we did that, it’s a trade secret.”

It’s easy to tell the new version is better because the picture is in color!

We can’t wait for the NBA Finals to see which team brings home the first new Larry!

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