What Regular Folks Buy With Sports Gambling Winnings

We’ve all seen commercials for popular gambling apps like Draft King and Cash Flusher. They expect us to believe that Regular Joes like us are going to be driving around in a solid gold sports car and donating last season’s Alexander McQueen’s shoes to Goodwill. We may as well not download Cash Flusher because there’s no way we could win enough for those kinds of purchases, right?

Well, wrong! Download Cash Flusher right now as you read about the everyday items that Sloppy Joes like you and me have purchased with their gambling winnings!

Tupperware. If you win big on Cash Flusher, you could start meal prepping! This eight-piece Tupperware set even includes lids so your fridge doesn’t get that leftover meatloaf stonk. Great deal!

Is this adulting?

Arby’s. Spend your big winnings when you’re on your way home from work and you’re not thinking cooking.

Adult Coloring Book. If Tupperware isn’t adulting, then an adult coloring book sure is. Color away your frustration as you weather the next Cash Flusher losing streak.

Succulent. Spruce up your bathroom or home office or combination bathroom-home-office!

Great gift idea for a friend or foe!

Bottle of bottom shelf vodka. To help you weather your next Cash Flusher losing streak.

It just goes to show you, anyone can do a gamble! You don’t have to be a high-roller, you can be a medium-roller and come out just fine.

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