What not to do when playing against the Phoenix Suns Part II

Remember when Anthony Davis trolled Devin Booker on Twitter, and the Suns proceeded to score 140 points against the Lakers?

Basketball Karma is real, and there are some things you just don’t do when you’re playing against the Suns.

At yesterday’s game in Dallas, a Mavs fan reportedly pushed Chris Paul’s mother. And on Mother’s Day, of all days! The fan tried to walk back the physical contact and said it was supposed to be a hug.

We don’t believe that for a second, and neither does Basketball Karma. Oh, and now the Suns are going to tap into their innermost rage-fuel and ball out of control.

Awww man, we don’t want to go to school again! Can we have the bathroom pass?

On the real, it’s 2022, yo. Unwanted hugs are not cool or lit or poggers. Don’t give unwanted hugs to other fans, players, or players’ family members on any team.

Also don’t hug Scott Foster, but that’s more for your protection. He will steal your soul.

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