Sports Journalists Scramble For Post-NFL Draft Stories

We’ve got a few more days of high-flying NFL action from our fave sports journalists! Then be prepared for some phoned-in articles about “the Major MLB” or “Basketball” or “NFL Players Playing Golf With Each Other.”

Sports journalists writing about football have been coasting since the Super Bowl, churning out mock draft after mock draft and then writing about it. And us fans who were desperate for football news of any kind ate it up, imagining the future draft picks for their team!

But the future is almost over!

Behold the ancient artifact: the newspaper!

We’ll get a solid few days of draft analysis where Sports Experts guess how good the rookies will be. But then football experts will have to shift their focus to other sports if they want their next paycheck.

“Hey, they said Ja Morant made a field goal, but they only gave him two points! REFS, YOU SUCK! Go back to math school!”

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