Robert Kraft’s Bold Vision for Patriots’ Future

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft recently made headlines for saying he wanted longtime head coach Bill Belichick to coach into his 80s.

Coach Belichick, who celebrated his 70th birthday just a few days ago, is at an age when most folks consider retirement.

According to Patriots insiders, Robert Kraft’s vision for Belichick “goes far beyond” just coaching into his 80s. Robert Kraft reportedly wants Bill Belichick to coach the Pats from beyond the grave.

An anonymous source leaked the below image from a Patriots HQ PowerPoint presentation led by Robert Kraft.

Uhhh… you okay there, Robert Kraft?

Bill Belichick has always been a trendsetter. Only time will tell if he decides to go along with Robert Kraft’s plan for the first ghost coach. Your fans just want you to be happy, Coach B! You do you!


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