Williams-Green Coincidences

Ready to have your mind blown?

Here is a list of downright spooky similarities between Phoenix Suns Coach Monty Williams and New Orleans Pelicans Coach Willie Green. Ponder these knowledge snippets while you watch the Suns-Pelicans game tonight!

  • Both Monty Williams and Willie Green played college basketball in the Midwest. What are the odds??
  • Both Williams and Green played professionally for the Orlando Magic!
  • Williams and Green were both born.
  • Williams and Green both worked for the Phoenix Suns last season.
  • Monty Williams and Willie Green have letters in their last names.
  • Monty Williams once coached the New Orleans Pelicans, back in the day when they were still called the Hornets. Willie Green was a player on the Hornets while Williams was coaching!
  • Both were elected to Congress in ’46 and to the presidency in ’60.
  • Monty Williams once had an assistant coach named Willie Green, and Willie Green once had a coach named Monty Williams. No. Freaking. Way!!!
  • John Wilkes Booth once traded a mint condition Monty Williams trading card to Lee Harvey Oswald in exchange for a limited-edition New Orleans Hornet Willie Green trading card.
  • Both Williams and Green are currently coaching teams named after mythical birds: the fiery Phoenix and the majestic Pelican.
  • The last names Williams and Green are both palindromes!
  • Williams and Green each have a friend named Chris Paul. Whoa!!!!!

We don’t know about you, but the list gives us chills!

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