LA Poised to Miss NBA Playoffs

The atmosphere is tense in Hollywood!

Tonight the LA Clippers take on the New Orleans Pelicans–and if the Clippers lose, our fave celebs won’t have a local team to root for in the NBA Playoffs.

NBA camera folks love showing us a star-studded audience in lieu of replays of awesome dunks or controversial plays. They would much rather zoom in so we can see Steve Buscemi eating a hot dog or Jennifer Aniston checking her text messages.

The red carpet has been rolled out for tonight’s game! But depending on the result, it may have to get rolled right back up.

Many famous faces in LA have already purchased the hottest jersey in town–the reversable Clippers jersey.

Jersey producers are on stand-by to roll out a reversable Golden State Warriors jersey, in case celebs have to pivot and cheer on the next closest team.

Don’t miss the celebs and LA vs. NOLA tonight!

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