Coming Soon: Brian Kelly TED Talk on Social Networking

You heard it here first, folks! New LSU Football Coach Brian Kelly is going to be presenting a TED Talk on the role of social networking and getting hired in the wide world of College NFL-Jr. football. We can’t be more excited!

After spending 12 years at a reputable school like Notre Dame (known for producing high quality leaders and community role models like Phoenix Suns’ Coach Monty Williams) and being part of a storied football program, Coach K can offer a lot of insights about how he knew it was time to move on to another coaching job and what steps he took to ensure a smooth transition for his former team.

“We have so many questions for Coach Kelly,” said an anonymous TED talk aficionado. “How do you share the news with the players you’ve recruited and worked with for the past few years? How do you introduce yourself to the new team and give your new players a genuine glimpse into your personality and coaching style? How do you balance your excitement for your new job with grace and gratefulness for your old job? We’re just so thrilled to hear from an experienced college coach!”

Coach Kelly shares his warm wishes for his former team and his excitement to work with a new group of student NFL Jr. athletes!

Break a leg, Brian Kelly!

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