NFL Makes Annual Playoff Rule Change

Welcome to the NFL off-season! The powers-that-be at Big Football have been pouring over the data to figure out a better way to do overtime in football games.

Some folks think both teams should have possession of the ball so they have an equal chance to win based on skill. Others think whichever team wins the coin toss should just automatically win the overtime.

After much debate, Big Football determined that the most fair way to determine who wins the football game is to see who wins best of out four on the Magic 8 Ball.

“Siri, which team should start with the ball?”
“Huh? HEY SIRI. Which team should start with the ball?”
“Dammit, it’s upside down. HEY SIRI!!!”

But it’s tough for the big wigs to make a definitive decision on overtime rules, so the NFL is going to try having different rules for the regular season and playoffs!

Great idea, all the players across the NFL are on the same page, so everybody wins! Well, except the team that loses the coin toss.

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