One Letter Makes a Difference

Always double check autocorrect, folks, because one wrong letter totally changes the image of these frequently-typo’ed NBA teams.

Atlanta Hacks
Learn how to play, you doorknobs! Where did you go to basketball college?? Little League?

Chicago Bills
The kids might not be intimidated by the fearsome mascot, but the adults sure are!

Even the home fans would boo this a-hole.

Los Angeles Clappers
Yeah, we’re hearing the jingle, too.

Washington Gizards
Definitely not intimidating. Unless you’re about to fight with your father-in-law over who gets to eat them at Thanksgiving.

Philadelphia 69ers
Really? Grow up, people!

Utah J*zz
What did we just say?

This dude isn’t being invited to any children’s birthday parties.

Always triple check when you’re texting about your team!

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