5-Star QB Would Be Feather in the Hat of Michigan Football

Fans of Wolverine Football have reason to be excited. Michigan NCAA NFL-Jr. Football has been in talks with a 5-star quarterback named Dante Moore. Mr. Moore is from Detroit, and his dad is a big Michigan Football fan, so the Wolverines are hopeful they can add a cool 5-star Michigander to their team. It would be Another Feather in the Ham of Michigan Football.

“Another feather in your yam.”

This is great news for fans of the Maize and Blue! These folks started the year worried that they would lose Head Coach Jim Harbaugh to the NFL. But Coach H has reassured players and fans that he intends to win a title with the Wolverines.

“Another father in your cat.”

The rumor mill was convinced that Coach Harbaugh, who previously coach the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL, hoped to work for the Minnesota Vikings next year.

“Another feather on your bay.”

But Coach Harbaugh may have more loyalty to the Maize and Yellow than you think! Don’t forget: once upon a time, NCAA college football “Little Jim” Harbaugh was a Michigan football player himself.

“Another feather in your pan.”

Now that Jim Harbaugh is officially returning to Michigan and wants to win a title, that gives the Wolverines a recruitment advantage against the other NCAA coaches who don’t want to win a title and just want to coast by and have their schools forget all about them in two years.

“Neither father in your saw.”
“STFU it’s not funny any more!”
“It wasn’t funny to begin with!”

Will Dante Moore play for the Maize Wolverines next year? Or will one of the other teams steal him away? Stay tuned to the internet to find out!

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