FAQs About the End of the MLB Lockout

Just like that, folks! The Annual MLB Lockout has come to an end! All MLB had to do was make a deal with Apple, and then the players got FOMO watching other people make deals with Big Baseball. But there has to be something in it for both the players and owners, right?

Let’s take a look at the most often FAQs about the 2022 Baseball Season.

Q. So is baseball going to be interesting now?
A. No. It’s still baseball, folks.

Q. Wait, couldn’t they change it Major League Basketball?
A. Probably not lol.

Q. What about major League Football?
A. Nope, still baseball.

Q. Well, what if it wasn’t a major league anymore? Instead of Major League Baseball, could we just have, like, National Hockey Players Anonymous?
A. Maybe, but why would they be anonymous? It would make player stats really hard to keep track up. And none of the fans would want to buy a just blank jersey. Yeah, that won’t happen. We’re afraid we’re just stuck with baseball!

Q. So is the baseball season still the same?
A. Glad you asked! Some baseball aficionados are arguing that because more teams can make the playoffs, it makes the regular baseball season less important.

Q. The Baseball Playoffs?
A. Uh yeah. We’re still talking about baseball.

Q. But if more teams can make the playoffs, won’t that eventually just become stale and then they’ll have to let even more teams into the playoffs every year until the whole season is just one big playoff–or in other words, all the playoffs are just one season and nobody wants to watch?
A. No one wants to watch anyway, except little kids and people who have money on the line. Which could be YOU if you download the Cash Flusher Gambling App on your smart phone!

Q. Is there a Cash Flusher for flip phones? That’s what I have.
A. No, if you have a flip phone, you should flush it and then GO BUY AN IPHONE SO YOU CAN WATCH FRIDAY NIGHT BASEBALL!
Q. No thank you.
A. What else are you doing on Friday nights?
Q. Hey I’m asking the questions here!

Q. How about Major National Country-Wide Big Soccer?
A. Look, man, we can’t avoid baseball!

Q. After almost 100 days of negotiations between players and owners, will the fans in the bleachers notice some big changes?
A. lol what fans?
*Q and A folks high five*
A. To answer your question seriously, no. No obvious changes.

Q. Will they still play that “move it, move it” song with the animals from that movie that came out 20 years ago?
A. Of course, that song is a classic. It’s why kids like baseball so dang much.

I have the perfect counter to your plant type! Babe Ruth–I choose you!!!

We hope you now have a better understanding of the changes coming to Major League Baseball this season!

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