NFL Fans React to Deshaun Watson News

There are a lot of football teams that could be in the market for a quarterback for the 2022 football season. Rumor has it several teams have expressed interest in Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson who may or may not be guilty of sexual assault. How do the fans of these interested teams feel?

This Steelers fan remembers the team’s QB wish list! Also your tweet name sounds like a medical emergency, you should get that looked at.

Washington Footballs aka Commanders fans are ready for some good publicity for their team!

Yeah, the Washington Footballs have definitely had a lot of issues, that’s putting it nicely! Nice try, Packers fan. Also is green and gold blood more or less healthy than black, gold, and blue?

We respect the message, but what’s with all these references to bodily fluids? That’s nasty. Your blood should be red. The type should be a letter and not an animal. The end.

WTF, go to urgent care.

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