Kyler Murray Updates Social Media

Well, it looks like Cardinals QB Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals are on the same page again!

If you follow Mr. Murray on social media, you probably noticed when he took down pictures of the Cardinals and changed his Facebook status to “it’s complicated”. Yikes, nothing scarier than seeing those two words on someone’s profile page! Especially when it’s your team’s starting QB!

Then he changed his Twitter profile pic from a Cardinals jersey to a neat pic of his dog. That’s cute and all, but man, way to make the fans anxious! Especially combined with the whole “it’s complicated” thing.

Internet sleuths were waiting for the hammer to drop on LinkedIn, but Kyler Murray hadn’t shared that he was interested in new opportunities. Cardinals fans and sports analysts were all kind of confused!

Who, nice Instagram! #nofilter #cardinalhearthands

Cardinals fans breathed a collective sigh of relief when they saw that the Arizona Cardinals page is back in Murray’s top eight spaces on MySpace. That’s a great sign for next season for the Cardinals! Less so for Kyler Murray’s childhood friend who got kicked out of the Top Eight to make room for the Cards. There will probably be some beef there for awhile.

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