Only One More Day Until NBA All-Star Game

We’ve only got one more day to wait!!! You powered through the Pro Bowl and all the shenanigans that go with it like throwing footballs through tires and eating a whole football in under three minutes. You survived the Super Bowl and had very strong opinions on the half-time show and all the fun commercials with your fave celebs. And now the ALL-STAR NBA GAME is almost here!

Fun fact: basketballs Big Game was named “All-Star Game” after the hit song from 1999 and not because all the basketball stars are playing. So toss that cd in the ol’ record album player and crank the volume!

We’re feeling pumped for the game already!

Fans have been in heated debated whether Team Lebron or Team Durant will come out on top! The polls were neck and neck until the link to vote got shared on the Twilight Team Jacob fan club page.

We guess Team Jacob didn’t share the link with Team Edward to skew the stats in their favor. So devious!

Another fun fact: it’s just a coincidence that the teams are named “Team Durant” and “Team LeBron”. Fortunately, LeBron James was named captain of Team LeBron, or else it would have been really confusing.

GL to Teams LeBron, Jacob, and Durant!

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