Glimpse into Coach Belichick’s Phone

Y’all been following the Brian Flores Lawsuit? The Big Wigs at Big Football apparently need to re-read How to be Less of an A**hole for Businesses!

At the center of the lawsuit is Bill Belichick’s cell phone! If he hadn’t accidentally texted Brian Flores instead of Brian Daboll to say congratulations on getting the Giants coaching job, then Brian Flores may never have known that the Giants had already made their hiring decision. Texting the wrong person is straight cringe. Phones try to throw you a bone by displaying the contact’s full name or initials–or you can set a cool pic to display. So obviously folks are now wondering how exactly Coach B made a mistake like that.

That explains a lot.

What other mistakes has Coach Billichick made when texting?

Reportedly, last season, Coach B accidentally texted his lady friend in Baltimore when the team was actually in Buffalo for their game with the Buffalo Bills! How did he recover from that oopsie? Sources say that Smooth Bill hopped on a plane to Baltimore and was at her door in less than two hours. Whew!! Lady Baltimore was none the wiser!

Coach B, we hope your cell phone plan lets you upgrade soon! Brian F, GL with your lawsuit!

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