Battery Arrest Following Pro Bowl


Insert surprised emoji here, folks!

If you missed the Pro Bowl, you obviously missed one for the ages. Following the Pro Bowl, New Orleans Saints RB and Pro Bowl Alum Alvin Kamara was arrested for battery in Las Vegas.

Normally players don’t go all-out in the Pro Bowl because they don’t want to risk injury in a game that 95% of sports fans don’t care about. (The other 5% have money on the line! If you don’t have a side hustle, you gotta download the Cash Flusher app asap.) Most folks don’t even watch the Pro Bowl. Even when the Not-So-Big Game doesn’t have to compete with the Once-Every-Four-Years Olympics, 60% of the families of the Pro Bowl players don’t even turn the TV on during the game!

Huh. Weird that more people watch the Super Bowl than the Pro Bowl. If they realized the Pro Bowl would be followed by an arrest, they probably would have tuned in.

So how Mr. Kamara pulled off a play soooooo extreme to lead to his arrest is a mystery to us! We’re anxiously awaiting the Pro Bowl rerun on TV so we can check it out.

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