Matt LaFleur uses this ONE TRICK to keep players warm on the Frozen Tundra… Big Fleece HATES him!

Green Bay Packers coach Matt LaFleur shares his fave tips and tricks for keeping his team stave off the Wisconsin cold! (Do not steal, San Francisco 49ers!) What will the Packers try tonight in the Saturday Edition of the Thursday Edition of Sunday Night Football?

Matt LaFleur’s fave hack #1: Add fire to the team hand-warmers!

We can’t believe no one else has thought of this! What better to warm your hands on than actual fire? Good news, this is a totally natural, organic way to keep your hands warm, in fact our ancestors the cave men and women warmed their hands with fire. Great news for Aaron Rodgers, he doesn’t have to get that sketchy experimental vaccine that stops you from getting cold!

We feel nice and toasty just looking at this!

Matt LaFleur anti-cold strategy #2. Strap space heaters to the players’ backs. Genius!!! When the players all all in a huddle, they get the benefit of everyone else’s personal heater. The only downside is that the space heaters have to be plugged in, so the players are limited by the length of the extension cords. Wide Receiver Allen Lazard prefers the fire method because he wants to be able to run more than 15 yards. You do you, Allen Lazard!

#3 MatT LafLeur best method to stay warm #3: Cold-fighting supplements for the team Gatorade! This neat trick is a Midwest favorite!

1-Part Gatorade, 1 part Anti-Chill Supplement.

Have you tried any of these? Comment below!

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