How KC Won Divisional Round at Home

Another wild weekend of football in the books! The first three of the four divisional rounds saw the home team lose to the visitors. Whoa!!! The last game, the Division Edition of Sunday Night Football, was the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Buffalo Bills at home. Luckily for Andy Reid and the Chiefs coaching staff, since their game was last, they had time to get on top of this bizarre home team curse!

An hour before kickoff, the emergency delivery arrived at Arrowhead Stadium, and the Official Spiritual Advisors of the Kansas City Chiefs got to work!

Hopefully that’s enough!

Cleansing sports curses is hard work, folks. Even at halftime, Coach Reid was getting text updates from the crew of exorcists prowling throughout the stadium with the 50 tons of sage. By the time the fourth quarter started, it looked like the Curse Gurus and Team had failed. The Buffalo Bills took the lead. But then the Chiefs took the lead! But then the Bills took the lead right back! And then the Chiefs tied it, and the crowd got all hyped for overtime! But was the curse lifted???

As you know, when NFL games go into overtime, the refs flip a coin to determine the winner. Easy peasy! They know the fans have places to be, no one wants the game to drag on any longer. Well, the Home Team Curse was lifted, and the Chiefs won the coin toss and the game!

They’ll need to order more sage for next weekend’s home game, since they went through all 50 tons. But it paid off! We can’t wait to see what the Los Angeles Rams do for their next game!

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